JuiceBox 13.2v Nimrods 6.5AH - 1000w Continous High Discharge Battery

  • JuiceBox 13.2v Nimrods 6.5AH - 1000w Continous High Discharge Battery
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JuiceBox 13.2v Nominal “NimRods” Battery FAQ


What is it?

A specialized blend and designed Nickel Metal Hydride Battery


How much power does it support?

Each unit is 6.5Ah Capacity with a 15C Continuous Discharge Rate (~100 Amps) = 1,000W


What makes these better than other Batteries?

Usable Power. Every chemistry offers different benefits. NIMH allows usable power from 15.4 to 11v, this higher range allows to output power along with your alternator, resulting in less voltage drop and more output power from 12v amplifiers.



Yes, 5 Year Warranty!


Can I run with my stock charging system?

Full charge is reached at 15.4v, however charging to standard 14.4v and above is absolutely okay. However charging at lower voltage means you will never be fully charging and you will lose out on usable capacity and recharging will be slower. To maximize full potential a Voltage control module or external regulated alternator is recommended.


Can I run with my AGMs/Lithium?

Due to the resting voltage differences between AGM and NIMH they cannot be connected without isolation. When in operation with vehicle on, they can be used together. To truly benefit from this technology you should be run nimrods only, having an AGM under the hood and isolated will also work. These can be combined with our Lithium iron phosphate batteries directly, please note that the NIMH will drain slightly as lifepo4 will rest lower than NIMH and should when mixed should not be charged above 15.0v



Each unit is $220 plus shipping.


I have a large system do you offer sponsorship’s or team pricing?

We are a direct sales company, in order to offer the best price upfront we give everyone the same price.

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